Weekend Political Roundup

It has been a big week, and yesterday was a HUGE day in politics.  I’m sure thousands (if not millions) of you logged on to see what I had to say about Barack’s speech and McCain’s VEEP pick.

Sorry for the disappointment.

Let me just say that instead, I focused on singing a lot of Karaoke last night.  ‘Nuff said.

For those of you who wondered why I gave so much coverage to the DNC this week, don’t you fear.  I will be putting the same amount of scrutiny into the upcoming RNC.  So stay tuned.

So let’s get into the political roundup:

1. Barack’s Speech

The coronation… err.. speech was just lovely.  Of course, Barack performed flawlessly behind the teleprompter.  That was to be expected. It was inspirational, exciting, and lovely. (except for all those unfunded mandates he proposes)

The real story here is the Convention-turned-Rock-Concert atmosphere of this acceptance speech.  They built an ENORMOUS set for this speech at an insane cost.  They rented a huge stadium, rather than staying in the typical arena.  The democrats made a move here that was very unique, turning boring, old politics into a rock concert atmosphere.

After all, this is the party of the movie stars and rock stars.  Would you ever think to see a Republican ex-vice-president accepting an Academy Award a few years later?  The democrats obviously feed off of the fame thing, which is personally appalling to my sense of humility one should have in public-servitude.  But, I fear it was the right move as far as the image they want to project to the American people.

For years now the Dems have had the image that they can’t get it together.  John Kerry for President?  Ha!  They’ve been a mess ever since Bill left the White House (and arguably since long before that).  This year it’s important for them to project the image that it’s OK to be a Democrat (both for those joining the party and for those who are shadows democrats).  They are, however, shooting for the stars in trying to convince people that it’s cool to be a Democrat, and that Democrats are rock stars.

Ahh.. the many representations…

2. McCain’s Veep

I don’t even know her name, otherwise I would have put it up there.  Oh yes… just looked on Stallion’s blog… It’s Sarah Palin.

Let me share how I feel about Sarah Palin:

… … …

Exactly… I have no feelings about Sarah Palin.  Where did this woman come from?  A one-term Alaska governor?  I hadn’t even heard her named batted around in any of the articles I read.  Thusly, I have no opinion of her, except for the ones people have given me in the last 24 hours…

1) She’s for drilling in ANWR.  Take that for what it’s worth.  All I’ll say about this is: if a tree doesn’t fall in the forest…

2) She’s a woman.  But she’s not a Hillary, so don’t succumb to the notion that she will attract Hillary supporters.  I think McCain will attract Hillary supporters more than this lady will.  Again, though, two historic tickets to vote for.  Either way we’re getting a “first” something.

3) She can talk on her feet better than President Bush.

… And this final one is my own opinion… the only one I have had time to generate on my own:

4) She’s good lookin’!  As I pointed out in an earlier poltiical post, Republican women are generally more attractive than Democratic ones, especially here in Texas.

See you next week at the Republican National Convention!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Political Roundup”

  1. You Said:
    “Would you ever think to see a Republican ex-vice-president accepting an Academy Award a few years later?”

    Maybe not, but there was also a time when it would have been hard to believe that our president was a former movie star*, and it was Republican Ronald Reagan who broke that barrier.

    *I acknowledge that he didn’t exactly have Clooney status, but he was certainly a celebrity.

    (Long-time lurker here)

  2. I am unsure how I feel about this whole Sarah Palin thing. Honestly… I can’t stand McCain and because of the way I feel about him …..it’s almost insulting that he picked a token unknown female to try to compete with the “historically significant” Obama ticket. Nice try. Why must I be disgusted with my own party continually? Sarah Palin may have some wonderful merits we all don’t know about or something but I would wager McCain doesn’t know about them either.

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