W.E. + S.C. = Truth and Beauty

As bad as this week can get, nothing can change the bright hope for the future that I am carrying in my heart – the hope for next Tuesday when American Idol Season 8 will premiere on the Fox network!

It’s me and Simon, back again, for one more season of AI!!!

For those of you who are new to my blog, let me explain a bit of the history.

I didn’t really get into American Idol until Season 5.  I followed Season 2 closely, but checked out during seasons 3-4 because I was too busy getting my college education (and I really didn’t like any of the contestants). When I picked up watching in Season 5, I decided that it wasn’t enough for me just to watch – I had to also make my correct opinions known to America so they could make an informed decision on who they should pick as their Idol…

…And thus, this blog was born!

While I can’t say I’ve reached any kind of Idol-Gossip celebrity status, I do pride myself on one thing – Me and Simon are right.  Always.  Period.  We know what we want when we see it, and we know who should win even if they don’t.  (And we both seriously regret letting Sanjaya on the show…  Worst mistake of our collective careers!)

So, prepare yourselves dear readers.  WhiteEyebrows.com will turn into American Idol central on Wednesdays and Thursdays here in a few weeks.  Thankfully, I don’t get serious about blogging until the Top 24 are announced, but I can’t help but post a few of the funny videos during the auditions either.

W.E. + Simon Cowell = Truth and Beauty

4 thoughts on “W.E. + S.C. = Truth and Beauty”

  1. I have a testimony of the truth and beauty of the W.E./S.C. miracle. I was a skeptical last season, but soon became a devoted follower. I don’t know what to think till W.E.S.C. tells me!

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