Unexpected Advertisements

This morning I ran across the following paid advertisement on Facebook:

immigrate to canada

First of all… since when did any country advertise for immigrants?

“Start a new life” seems to appeal to particular brand of people that I’m not sure you want to attract.  This would indicate that they probably did something to screw up their current life.  Do you want a population of screw ups invading your country?

I don’t understand.

Wait!  Maybe this recession is taking such a drastic toll on tax revenues that cities, states and countries are going to have to start advertising, like corporations, for people to come and live (and pay taxes) in their territories.

So with that in mind, I’d like to create my own advertisment for Wylie TX (where I live)

When I say “Wylie” you might think of a few things…

Maybe you’re thinking…

“Wyle E Coyote”


Or maybe, if you’re from Dallas and know a little about Wylie, you think…



Well, Wylie isn’t either of those things.

Wylie is where farmland meets suburban development.  Wylie is where Lake Lavon meets Wal-Mart, and Wylie is where FM544 (Plano Parkway) meets Highway 78.

Move to Wylie.  We need more tax $ so they’ll stop trying to pass the stupid school bond.

So.. here’s the fun part.  In the comments, please create an advertisement for your city, state or country.  Ready…. GO!

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Advertisements”

  1. Looking for a change of pace? How about a change of scenery?

    Well, just imagine a large tortoise moving across the flat, albeit green, countryside of Illinois. You’ve just captured Peoria in your mind’s eye.

    Peoria is a great place to live. We’ve got large corporations that lay-off hundreds of people at a time, school districts that can’t hang on to their money, and limited entertainment options. BUT – it’s home, and I couldn’t love it any more!

    So if you want to slow things WAAAAY down, come join us in Peoria.


  2. Want to work with a completely mentally retarded city council? Want to love your lifestyle, but hate everything having to do with unfair government and things such as “density bonus” fees?

    Want to love your neighbors and where you live so much that you can’t get out of this black hole? YOu want to leave, but you love it all too much despite insane people and government! Want to love your view? Want to have no city amenities, a library with only about 500 books and not be allowed to even put a sign in your yard? Want to have wonderful parks and biking trails but the world’s most insane rules on building fences? I could go on, but hey, instead, just Come to H_______ Utah! It’s the best!

  3. Do you like houses that are so old they are falling apart? Do you like neighbors that park their “weekend projects” in the yard? Do you love to see neglected animals living in backyards? Do you love it when people driving by play their music so loud it shakes the windows of your house? Boy do we have the perfect fit for you! If you love Mexican food, Vietnamese Food, auto shops, and closed businesses that still advertise, come to Garland, TX! It’ll be everything you ever dreamed of and more!

    Special One Time Offer!!!
    Move to Garland in the next 24 hours and we’ll even throw in a bird that chirps and sings just like those annoying car alarms!

  4. Want to live in the most diverse place on planet earth….the pluses are as follows:
    very lovely weather from Sept. to May,
    very seldom snows, coldest temp is always above 25o
    cost of living about average
    only 30 minutes from prime rib dinner at $4.95
    beautiful scenery
    lots of social and culture things always going on
    beautiful outdoor amphi-theatre that has productions going on all summer long
    and a whole lot more,including beautiful golf courses
    close to 2 national parks

    negative side:

    June through August temp. can go as high as 116o
    lots of retired folks which means driving can be a real challenge
    every family with children at home have an average of 7 cell phones
    every young driver is talking on said cell phone, eating a cheeseburger and looking in the mirror to see how pretty they are while driving the car with their knee ( oh wait, this could be anywhere in the nation that you would find this)
    There you have it….come to St. George Utah

  5. come on down to Southern Utah where the heat is so dry it is bearable. If you can deal with all the q-tip drivers that go 25 in a 40 zone, and if you can deal with arguably the most expensive cost of living in Utah, come live here. I know of no other place that is quite as versatile and beautiful. Fun lakes. Cool Sand dunes, Close proximity to many of the most world known national parks and beautiful fun state parks. Lake Powell ,Lake Mead, Grand canyon, Zions, Bryce, and Snow canyons. Close to Las Vegas for the big city getaway if you feel like you need it. Still has a good family atmosphere, far from many of the crazies in this country. For that matter the whole east coast could drop off into the ocean and we wouldn’t even miss them…

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