Top 7 Idols Reviewed

There are now clearly three tiers of contestants:

  1. Adam
  2. Everyone Else
  3. Lil and Matt

Adam has come out week after week and done something to blow us away.  He’s taken risks and most of them have  paid off.  In the end, whether you like it or not, he has never under delivered or disappointed.

I still wonder, though, if he will win, as it’s been common in years past that the most qualified and the most talented don’t always win this show.  I think that the biggest mistake he might make would be to underestimate the likes of Allison and Kris, who have a real chance because of their age, personality, likability, and talent.

Lil and Matt both had train wrecks tonight.  I would just give them the benefit of the doubt, except they have been train wreckin’ for the last several weeks.  At this point, neither of them really have earned another week to redeem themselves.

Anoop kind of blew me away last night.  He, for the first time for me, really put his heart into the song and connected.  He has been so aloof from his songs and from the judges.  He has talent and pitch, but last night was the first night he really connected with me, as an audience member.

Allison was cool.  I was really impressed that she could tackle a tough, tough song – but I could hear little weaknesses here and there – cracks in her vocal foundation that may make me think that she’d be a good recording artist, but not always be able to deliver in a live concert.

Danny’s just barely staying alive.  The question is, how long will he be able to last?  And can he put up a fight against Adam and Allison?  His song wasn’t super impressive.

That’s pretty much all I got this week.

One thought on “Top 7 Idols Reviewed”

  1. W.E., I have been waiting for your review of last night’s show. First of all let me just say that I am officially IN LOVE with Adam! He blows me away consistently. He is so versitile and his musical theatre past gives him the comfortability on the stage that these competitors need to sell their songs. I have to agree with you that he, although by far the most talented singer, may not win, but even so will most likely end up being the most successfull artist of all the contestants. Allison worries me a little. She is so young and her voice still has SO many changes to go through. She is pushing it way too hard. A concert featuring her as the only singer would definately kill her vocally. And I wonder, does she smoke, because I don’t know any 16 year olds with a sultry, deep alto voice. Anoop did do great tonight but I still see him as a guy who sings in the college choirs, all the girls swoon over him, but he spends most of his time in the library behind a text book. Everyone else (aside from Lil) was just so-so for me. They all still seem a little awkward on the stage and not blossoming into performers. Then, Lil…oh, lil, poor lil. She is on a downward spiral. Her songs are progressively getting worse. In the beginning, she seemed like someone who had the makings to be a real star and possible threat to the other competitors but now she is just digging her own grave. “The Rose” just does not lend itself to R&B or gospel. And even then she didn’t really even hit the nail on the head if that was the style she was after. She was all over the map. Plus her defensive attitude at the end was the final turn off for me. Bye Bye Lil and HELLO ADAM!!! Wooooot!

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