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Stop your panic! I apologize for the recent quietness of this blog, but don’t worry. I am back with more stinging commentary on America’s favorite (and not so favorite) dancers.

Let me start by saying that I really don’t feel like I’ve spent enough time talking smack about Lacie’s partner’s pink highlighted mohawk. What is going on in our society? Are mohawks really coming back in? I am truly not ready for that. Apparently they are all the rage in LA. I’m just not ready for Mr. T and all things 80’s to be back yet. I’m not old enough for that kind of resurgence. I’m moving to Zimbabwe when hammer pants come back in!!!

Lacie looked great… oh yeah and she danced good too. She isn’t Benji though, and she isn’t as likable as he is. I think she is getting far on being his sister, not necessarily on her own personality. I wonder when the honeymoon will be over and she’ll have to stand on her own two feet?!

It is now official… I HAVE MADE MY PICK! My pick for this year’s winner is Dominic. Yes, I’m picking a b-boy, and this is why. I thought he would last about 10 seconds in the big competition, and that he would never be able to dance other styles. Well, he has totally proven me wrong. He is shining in every style he tries, and is not afraid to wear the funny looking clothes and shoes that go with. Oh yeah, and the “french accent” comment totally sealed the deal for me. He is a great dancer, young, charming, funny, humble. a great personality. And also… a boy. It is near impossible for a girl to win this competition given its overwhelming majority of female viewers.

Let me also say that Dominic and Sabra’s dance last night was my absolute fav. It was rockin’ hip hop, but wasn’t all about guns, drugs, and hoes. It was softer and beautiful. I would watch it again.

Can I say that I disagreed with the judges? I though Pasha and Anya were not that great. I thought it was fun, but not great. I thought it was really kind of cool and weird that Benji and Heidi choreographed it though. They looked off balance and just frenetic the whole time. Maybe I just misjudged West Coast Swing, but it did not look like it does when Benji and Heidi do it!

Can I also say that Cedric is horrible. He’s terrible. He is quickly becoming the Sanjaya of this competition; the elephant in the room. That is a mambo that Jerome Robbins would be so appalled by. Certainly not worthy of West Side Story!!! I hope the judges take their final opportunity tonight and let him go before they put America fully in charge.

Let me just say that I’m pulling for Neil. And this is for no other reason than he is the only white dude in this competition. Enough said. (I know there are other white boys… but he is a WHITE boy… if you know what I mean.)

Sarah is totally surprising me too. She is a total renaissance woman. She can do it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went far given her broad appeal.

I hated the waltz that Hok and whats her face did too. Hok just looks so unnatural and nervous. He isn’t handling all these styles very well. But they do get the award for funnest little video package where they won’t admit they have a little crush going on between them. Definitely in the bottom 3 this week. I think she has a real chance of going home soon. She is just not very memorable.

I think Shauna might be in the bottom 3 today. Its sad because she is a good contemporary dancer. I think Danny might be in there again too. I think the hairspray guy had a point there. I think he knows how good he is and while he isn’t arrogant about it, per se, he does expect a pass. Like, “hey I’m so good, so why wouldn’t everyone want to vote for me, duh… I was teachers pet for all my dance teachers.”

All in all, a good top 7. But Cedric, you gotta go.

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