Three Years Later…

Me looking BAD with my new iPhone!
Me looking BAD with my new iPhone!

It has happened!

After three long years of planning, justifying, feature watching, and hoping for Apple to get it right, I am finally the proud owner of an iPhone.

Perhaps you’ll recall this post from a few years ago, when I originally decided why I didn’t want an iPhone… I’d like you to note that none of those reasons exist any longer, and now I am on my merry way…

1. Voice Dialing — works like a champ.  I LOVE it!  Love it love it love it.  I couldn’t own an iPhone w/o it.

2. GPS seems to work great with Google maps.  It does make me nervous though that so many apps are requesting to use my location with it.  I guess I’m still too much of a privacy nut (or still need the opening for creative embellishment of my true location) to allow a device in my pocket to constantly broadcast my current location. Although, I can’t seem to get the compass to turn the map the right direction… hmm…

3. The iPhone replaces so many devices!  It replaces my phone, my music player, my game boy and even my laptop (in certain situations).

I’m so tickled pink!

Let me say, though, that I think the Apple’s hoarding the iPhones in the Apple stores rather than selling them through the at&t stores is a mistake.  at&t sells wireless phones.  They are good at it.  The Apple store is NOT set up to be a mobile phone retailer, helping customers choose plans, manage discounts, switch around lines on family plans, etc etc etc.  Apple store employees are good at 2 things: 1) looking cool and beatnik and 2) ramming Apple products down people’s throats.

Long story short: I had to go across town to the Apple store to get my iPhone, even though there was an at&t store across the street.  Then when I got there, the guy messed up adding the phone plans to the account, and didn’t apply the correct discounts.  His response was that I have to call at&t to fix it.  Bah!  at&t has a 60 minute wait time to speak with a representative.  Boo.

I really appreciate and value people who can get things done right the first time.

Now… off to the apps store…

9 thoughts on “Three Years Later…”

  1. I’ll meet you in the App Store!

    Coolest app that I’ve found so far? Shazam. Get it. Now. It’ll rock your socks.

  2. Welcome to the Social. You know you love the Apple store. My favorite apps are “Scriptures” (no the), Kindle, Gas Cubby, Byline and iWard.
    My favorite games: Blocked, Fieldrunners and FlightControl.

  3. Yeah, we need to talk about the FlightControl game. I’m already addicted. ARG!! Help!!!!

    iStake looks cool, but $8? Kind of expensive, no? Why don’t we write a cheaper one? k? How do they get the info? Screenscraping the ward website??? Or is there some API they are using to get info dumps?

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