The Best Acceptance Speech Ever

Having been interested in the entertainment industry for most of my teenage and adult life, I have watched more than a healthy dose of Awards shows.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like some nice industry self-backpatting to really get me going…

But last night’s Tony Awards were something else entirely.  The Tonys are always a breath of fresh air compared to the self-importance of the Oscars or the celebration of mediocrity that is the Emmys.  Theatre people are for-reals.  They are my people.

But in last night’s show, there were just some odd moments.  And they weren’t those funny schaudenfreude moments when someone trips and falls on their pretty little face, it seems like most of the odd moments were planned and choreographed.

The acceptance speeches were over the top this year.  I thought we had reached a new level of weird when someone freestyle rapped their entire speech, but then Mark Rylance took the stage:

[flashvideo filename=video/best-acceptance-ever.flv /]

Amazing.  He gets a second Tony for Best Acceptance Speech Ever!

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