Stop Replying to All!

Every once in a while at work, we have a big email storm.  It usually begins with someone sending out an email to a large, open access distribution list about a topic no one cares about.

Then the ‘Reply to All’s begin.

For those of you who aren’t email experts, there’s an oft overlooked button that gets terribly overused in Corporate America, and that’s the “Reply to All” button.  It is the magic button that sends your response to everyone who the message was sent to, not just the sender.

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Still Undecided, and Growing Apathetic

I’m still not sure who I’ll be pressing the button for tomorrow, Obama and McCain both present positions that are untenable in my opinion.  Neither of them represent my core values and beliefs on the role of government.  I can’t even pull a “lesser of two evils” as I did in 2004, because these guys are so off-their-rocker that it’s just sad!

It’s not like it matters much, though.  I live in the state of Texas, which will send all its electoral votes for McCain, no questions asked.  Most of you who read my blog are from either Texas or Utah, which both enjoy a stranglehold by the Republican party in Presidential politics.  So whoever I vote for would be a vote of conscience, without much real meaning.

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The Politics of Fear

I’m officially sick of politics and completely over this upcoming election.

What I’m most sick of right now is the “politics of fear” that iEveryone (you know, everyone’s internet-based alter-ego) is completely wrapped up in.

What do I mean by politics of fear?

I have friends on all sides of the political arena, and I get about 5-10 emails or facebook messages a day from them saying “I’m just scared of what <insert other guy’s name here> will do to our country.  And here’s why…”  followed by lies, rumors, speculations, and unsubstantiated drivel!

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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

Continuing this online knock-down-drag-out yet another day, I have to comment on Hillary’s speech last night.

First of all: wardrobe. I know that it seems like a stereotypically unfair way to start my evaluation of this speech.  But I’m just going to say: women, it’s your own dang fault.  You have an INFINITELY larger range of styles and colors that one could don for this occasion.  If you only had the foresight to be as boring and predictable as the men…

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