Obama is a Class Act – Biden is Not

Obama just signed his first proclamations as President, most notably on transparency expected from his administration.

More interesting though was the moment that happened immediately afterward, when VP Biden was asked to administer the oath to the senior staff members who were assembled.  Biden wasn’t expecting to give the oath, and so in a moment of cover and panic, made a crack that “he didn’t have as good a memory as Justice Roberts” and would need a copy of the oath to read.

When Biden made that comment, Obama visibly bristled and frowned.  This is the exact kind of classless politics he has renounced for the past 2 years on the campaign trail – and now he has a poster child of such politics on his right hand.

Lucky guy, huh.

I’m thrilled about Obama’s reaction though.  It shows me he actually believes what he was saying, and is actually committed to a more civil dialogue in Washington. Then again, it just might be a sign that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, and even the highest levels have yet to buy into his vision.

Update: Washington Times Wire

Update: Here’s the video… it’s about 1/2 way through.

Nancy Pelosi is a Communist

Obama Chooses Biden

Joe Biden was the right choice for Obama.  I liked him in the Democrat’s primary race.  He lends experience and gravitas to the Obama ticket, while not overshadowing the top of the ticket (like Hillary would have done).  Now that this is done and the hand wringing is over, it is clearly the right decision.

The question still remains, though: Can two waste-of-skin Democrat senators actually succeed at the top two executive positions of the biggest enterprise in the world?  I’m still not convinced.

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