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First let’s talk about some top 10 group dynamics.  I am stunned that 4 of the 10 are hip hoppers, and for the first time two of them actually have a decent shot at the top spots.  The other 3 are making a serious go at the various styles, but I felt pretty strongly last week that Gev should have gone before Thayne.  He was clearly much less capable.

Mary Murphy said one thing that was slightly brilliant tonight:

Dancing doesn’t build character so much as it reveals it.

And here’s what was revealed tonight:

This routine gets my vote as one of the hottest, most incredible of the season.  Josh and Courtney were fabulous in both dances tonight, and they’re really the only couple who can claim that title.

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top10-1.flv /]

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top10-2.flv /]

Magic happens when you put two hip hoppers together… this proves why Comfort should be in the show, but unfortunately she can’t do much else but this.

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top10-3.flv /]

Amazing, amazing, amazing.  One of my favorite songs of all time, sung by my man David Archuleta, put onto the best two dancers on this show, with one of the most magical routines of the season… truly a recipe for success.  If these two aren’t in the top 4, this series has gone seriously wrong.

[flashvideo filename=/video/sytycd-top10-4.flv /]

4 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Top 10”

  1. The pas a deux was amazing! I can not believe the technique both Will and Katee have! The ending throw-turn-catch in a split… have no words

  2. thanks for so many videos, I was in the hotel, didn’t have DVR, and was taking El back and forth to soccer. I missed most of the show, and had called T to record it for me. Just got to St. Jorge, and mom deleted it!!!! I am watching the kick off show now, so at least something survived. Kick her bum!

  3. Yeah ok, sorry for so many posts about this, I’ll get it together, but I agree about Will and Katee. They should absolutely be in it at the end. In my opinion the final 2. I think Katee is the best girl in the competition and Will the best guy. Other than that I think Courtney and Josh are the next strongest. I cannot believe how lucky Comfort is, not only does Jessica get hurt, which is robbery. I really liked Jessica and would have really liked to see her with a different partner. Then Kherington gets kicked off before her. I think this is wrong. They shoudl have arranged it that Comfort come for the show, but she is the automatic kick off this week cause shes’ already been eliminated. Seh clearly can’t do as much as kherington can, and she is way out of her league at this point. We all know the only thing that saved her is that she got to do hip hop with Twitch. I just think it isn’t fair.. how is it right that kherington doesn’t dance next week, but comfrot does. I hope Comfort gets teh Quick Step and that Country 2step business, and then she will be kicked off in a second.

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