State of the Union

Well, it was President Obama’s first State of the Union address, and he did an impeccable job. He wittily strayed off the speech in places, noting out loud when he expected more Republican applause.

His emotional conclusion characterized the collective humanity and giving spirit that makes America great.

He only stepped in it in one place, in my opinion. It was when he committed to a moratorium in 2011 on new federal spending. That has the potential to become a “read my lips” moment. If anything should happen between now and then, it could trip up his reelection campaign in 2011/12.

My favorite part was how Joe and Nancy start nodding and smiling far before President Obama got to theĀ end of a phrase.

I actually forgot to tune in to the beginning of the speech, because I was doing what TRUE AMERICANS should be doing on Wednesday night in January…

Watching American Idol!!!

Randy Jackson for President!!!

One thought on “State of the Union”

  1. I didn’t even watch the SOTU as I can no longer stand to listen to the man. He manages to get himself on TV almost every day for one thing or another and he has a serious problem with truthfulness. Furthermore, while he is a brilliant orator, he has consistently shown that he feels no obligation to do what he says he will do. In fact, his actions have often been completely opposite to his speeches. I believe that makes whatever he says mostly irrelevant. He is very good at saying what he thinks people want to hear but his actions show that he has an altogether different agenda, an agenda which doesn’t include listening to what the people want. He either believes the people don’t know what they want or that what they want wouldn’t be good for the country. I believe that is why very many people are coming to recognize that he is arrogant, and completely unfit to lead our nation.

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