Ok, so the fact of the matter is that EVERYONE loves to talk about themselves.  It’s human nature so they say.

But no one ever wants to relate the hard fast truth.

Here’s what I mean…

Many of you have seen the seriously so blessed blog. It is hilarious.  It’s a woman that writes a completely MADE UP blog spoofing bloggers, specifically young married, pregnant LDS girls/women bloggers.  But the thing I love about it, is that it spoofs the thing I find a little bit annoying about MOST blogs.  The writers filter out all the ‘real’ life stuff and write only how PERFECT his/her life is, never admitting that everyone has problems no matter how perfect you are.  In the SeriouslySoBlessed blog, the “writer” TAMN is perfectly skinny, perfectly fun, and hates anything that’s a ‘downer’.

I guess I am wierd. I am not sure why, if it was because of innate demeanor or growing up experiences, but I turned out to be a very realistic person.

I distinctly remember being about 10 years old, coming out of church and saying to my mom, “Mom, you know what I have noticed about life?’

Mom said “what?”

“When you’re sick, before you can get better, you have to get sicker first.”  I finished.

“Wow, that’s positive”  She replied , yes sarcasticly

(I married a huge optimist BTW, we balance each other out … most of the time)

I try hard not to be negative, but I feel I am pretty realistic.  And hey, I have to say, that No ONE has a perfect life.  I am sorry, no one does.  I just think that some people have much more obvious trials or problems than other people.

For the past 7 years we have lived in what people term the “KEN AND BARBIE WARD”.  People that move in, or visit declare that this is the Ken and Barbie ward.  Everyone has perfect bodies, perfect smiles, perfect testimonies, and perfect lives.   And actually on paper, our area does look much more ideal that most.  We have incredible reported ‘numbers’.  This stake reports extremely high percentage of temple recommend holders, full tithe payers, people doing their home/visiting teaching.  etc.   However, I came to know these people well, they had and have trials just like everyone else.  Unemployment, illness, cancer, marital strife, problems with children effected most everyone.  We had 3 women that had fought cancer, 2 very recent divorces, 2 women fighting MS, only 1/4 of our eligible Young Men were worthy to serve missions.  Real life, just happens.

So I think that people are just keeping secrets.  Trying to paint themselves int he best light possible.  We all do it, we all want to look perfectly ideal.  We all want to talk about ourselves, but no one want to relate the cold, hard truth.

So here we are ready to hear YOUR secrets.  What are you REALLY like?  In 40 words or less.

6 thoughts on “Secrets!”

  1. Wow Ang. Well I am blogging when I should be cleaning and making dinner. I have been in a really bad mood this week because of female stuff which I am sure I have already said enough. I am sick about thinking about the goverment and the nations problems. Your post yesterday reminds me of my typical trips to the grocery store, but I only have one kid and feel like I could die when I leave. But on a more postive note I am done babysitting for the week and that makes me smile.

  2. I always assume the worst, because that’s usually what happens. Promise of a raise? Thinking a guy will ask me out? Hoping to save my tax return? It almost always never works out. So, my expectations of such events are low, and yet I’m disappointed every time things end up sucking.

    Other faults include: disguising how I really feel about certain things, kitchen and bathroom areas not cleaned as frequently as it should be . . . yeah, it needs to be done right now, procrastination, not planning ahead as much as I should for the inevitable . . . the list goes on. I think I went over the 40 word limit. :S Sorry!

    P.S. I liked the Commando story. After reading that, I’m going to seriously consider the ethical question: “Is it wrong to medicate my children when they are not sick just so I can have peace and quiet on the plane?” Hum . . . what do you think?

  3. The 40 word limit was just to make you feel not overwhelmed with the assignment! 🙂 Go for it, we are using up W.E.’s databases, who cares how much we write :)!!!

  4. I have very gray roots I try to cover and I am getting the I’ve-had-five-kids tummy spread with no muscles left. I hate it!

  5. As much as I want to put a smile on my face and make everyone believe that being a single mom with two kids is a walk in the park, it’s not. I hate leaving them to go to school and I’d much rather be a stay-at-home supermom. I’m sick of having to find (and pay) a babysitter so I can tip my toes in the single world and hope that some brave guy will ask me out or even get my number. You can guess how often that happens. There’s my ‘secret’ pity party for the day.

    I also liked the Commando story. I know those situations all too well.

  6. I am a huge big time procrastinator. I pout a lot, but mostly to myself because it’s over stupid stuff. I feel lonely every day but not all day. I knowingly set myself up for disappointment so that I can feel like a martyr. I like cottage cheese…a lot. I am constantly trying to over-do my job because I am scared that one day they will come through and say, “We don’t need librarians anymore…we have computers. Have fun finding another job.” And I am terrified of becoming a mother someday because I don’t like being woken up in the middle of the night…or in the morning either (I abuse my alarm clock daily), poop and throw up make me gag, and what am I supposed to do with them all day long?

    Those aren’t all my secrets, but they are the only ones I am willing to share…and even now I am reconsidering whether or not I should go back and delete…

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