Oscar is Dead to Me

oscar_statue-awardFor the last couple of years, I’ve been disappointed at the dearth of well written, well executed, creative films out there.  I’m even more disappointed that the truly great films have invariably come from the independent film and film festival movement.  No studios are willing to take a chance on a film that isn’t an instant product.

I used to spend days on end in the movie theaters in December and January, trying to catch every film that I thought would have a chance at winning anything at the Oscars.

I still love a good film, but I just can’t bring myself to watch this bloated, self-congratulatory broadcast anymore.

I can’t bear to sit there and wait for Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and friends to get up and blather on about their personal views.  Not that I don’t agree with some of them or think they have a right to express them, it’s just that I don’t agree with the tone or sentiment and find it inappropriate to the occasion.

The acceptance speech itself has changed from being an opportunity to gracefully thank the hundreds of people that it took to help you win that meaningless award to a 25 second sermon at the bully pulpit.

Maybe the Oscars broadcast should just be renamed to the commie-conversion hour.  Put out a press-release for pity’s sake.  I’m done with your golden statues.

2 thoughts on “Oscar is Dead to Me”

  1. I thought that Jay Leno said it best. We NEVER watch him, but happened to catch his opening to the Tonight show one day this week he said…
    Something to this effect….

    “The Oscars will be interesting this year, all the stars will be able to put aside worshipping Obama, to return to worshipping themselves.”

    I thought it was hilarious.

  2. At least Hugh Jackman spiced things up a little this year and I loved how they handled the presentations
    for best actor, actress and supporting actor and actress. How cool to have 5 amazing stars pass on their
    opinions of the nominees’ work.

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