I Have Two Words for Adam Lambert



Glad I’m not the only one in America who realizes that he isn’t God’s sole gift to music…

Being the only contestant EVER who was smug enough to actually “pick” between two groups of contestants (without a second thought), made this moment even more PRICELESS….


(holy crap… we beat out the emo-eyeliner-boy and the tweener?  amazing!!)

5 thoughts on “I Have Two Words for Adam Lambert”

  1. I have to admit, I was both shocked AND thrilled at Adam being in the bottom. EXCEPT that it means now everyone who thought he didn’t need the help of their votes will start redoubling their efforts to make sure he stays.

    Matt needed to be the one to go, but it was truly nice to see Adam end up in the bottom for once.

  2. To be honest I think it was just all an act. I think American Idol just needed to put in some drama type stuff to make people watch it more and what not. I dont think Adam was truly in the bottom three, they put him there on purpose to make it seem like he was not the best. Just an Act.
    Remember last years with David archuletta and his problems with his “Dad”? well his cousin was in my class last semester and he told us that it was all made up for the show. He said that david and his dad are so close and that American Idol just needed to add some drama in it. So I think Adam is one of the best on the show. He has a diff. style, but he is really good, not bottom three. Then again america votes.

  3. Brows, tell me honestly: Am I getting old? Cause I didn’t like ANY of the guest performances! Why don’t I get Jamie Foxx as a singer? Am I ‘past it’ because I think he should stick to telling jokes? And Natalie Cole – I love that song, but she wrecked it! And the other guy, Taylor – it was just a mess.

    Please tell me I’m still ‘hip’ and ‘with it’. PLEASE??!!

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