I Do Not Have OCD

I opened up a mini bag of m&m’s today, and this is what I got…

  • 3 Oranges (I ate them)
  • 2 Reds
  • 3 Blues
  • 5 Yellows
  • 5 Browns



Does anyone see a pattern in this?

I am not obsessive, nor am I compulsive.  I just like to organize things… a lot.

Thank you.

13 thoughts on “I Do Not Have OCD”

  1. you are not OCD, Heidi would have eaten the black and yellow alternately until it was down to 3 each excpet the 2 reds. Then eaten one of each of the toher colors untill all were equal nuber (2) and then eaten them one at a time so it was always equal numbers.

  2. You have way to much time on your hands if you organize them into colors…..you must also know that the different colors do not effect the taste of the candy….its all chocolate…….yup…

  3. I used to eat all the light browns in a bag 1st. My little kid mind told me they were more milk chocolatey . The dark brown was probably semi-sweet and the colors were tainted by artificial colors in the shell.

    I am not even interested in eating the blues now. They seem all wrong to me.

  4. I always eat the “bad colors” first.. brown, yellow, orange (normally 2 at a time). then green, all of them, and finally alternating between red, and blue. because they are my two favs. i know they don’t taste any different, but i cant stop my pattern now.

  5. Huh…I usually just stick my hand in the bag and shove them in my mouth.
    The more the better.
    I have to concentrate too hard to make sure that none of them slip out of my hand and onto the
    floor to care what colors I have.
    Now, if I’m at a meeting and bored to tears, I might do something similar to what you did but
    I would have to eat the right amounts of certain colors so that they will all be even and then
    eat one of each color until they are all gone.

  6. You can taste a difference by color???? I never eat slow enough to detect anything but candy with inside chocolate! You have a pallet of extreme skill.

  7. I always have to organize my M&Ms before I eat them. I separate them into colors then eat the colors with excess numbers until they are all equal. Then I stuff one of each color in my mouth so that they are consumed by the spectrum until they are gone. Wow, I should create a psychoanalytic test for the way people eat their M&Ms. You could find out so much about people… There’s got to be some subconscious reason that you ate all of the orange M&M’s first W.E.

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