How stupid do you think we are?

Mahmoud AhmadinejadLast night I watched 60 minutes’ strangest interview to date. Ok… Mr. Ahmedinejad how stupid do you think we are? This is the United States of Freaking America! We invented politico-speak. We invented beating around the bush. We invented the washington two step. We invented side skirting the question and going ‘into your song and dance.’

So how dare you come over our airwaves, and with the silly little smirk on your face, go into a song and dance when you were asked directly and specifically about developing nuclear weapons and funneling arms into Iraq.

I was proud of the interviewer for saying, ‘hey… why are you smiling… the american people consider this a very serious issue.’ This leader has a very narrow window now in the public perception before he is forever painted as an extremist and terrorist sympathizer. Our government has already painted as such, so the clock of public opinion is ticking.

The interviewer finally browbeat a denial of your nuclear ambitions out of you, but it doesn’t hold water. Your silly excuse that nuclear arms are not of political use is obviously counter-intuitive.

We have no reason to believe anything that comes out of your mouth, so don’t pretend (even with the anti-war leftist commies of this country) that you will get any sympathy. I gave you a shot. I listened to what you had to say, and you’re not fooling me.

And for a little twist of irony: Do you think that President Bush would have a chance in the streets of any of your biggest cities? And yet you contently skulk around the streets of New York City today, preaching your anti-american dogma.

As much as we may not like what some people have to say, free speech is perhaps the single largest contributor to making our society great.

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