Holiday Gift Idea #12

What?!?!?!  You’re not done with your Christmas shopping yet?

Shame on you!

Right now it’s to the point where you have to pull the pin and run… so just get them…

A Hand Grenade


Yes, you can be the proud owner of a live hand grenade, compliments of your nearest Army surplus store.  These make great presents for any occasion, as well as nice accents to your holiday centerpiece.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Idea #12”

  1. W.E. Great idea!! So, don’t open my present until you all alone, and don’t mind the clanking metal sound, as long as you pull the bow instead of cutting it, the noise will go away in 3 seconds… then SILENT NIGHT…
    Felia Natal, meu primo predileto!!

  2. Er, actually, no. The grenades in the army-navy stores are dummies.
    In fact, the bottoms of most of these have been drilled out.

    The machetes, on the other hand, still remain lethal.

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