Freakanomics: Economist’s Guide to Parenting

In the 1980’s the average young college educated mother spent 13 hrs per week on child care.  After declining for decades, in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the amount of time invested by parents has skyrocketed.  Now, the average is 22 hours per week.

But does it matter?  Is the extra time we are spending with our kids, chauffeuring them to and from activities, really making a huge difference?

In this freakanomics podcast, a group of economists spend the hour trying to figure out how much parents actually matter.

I strongly recommend taking the hour to listen:

What could economists know about parenting?


Settling Nature vs Nurture…


So what really does matter in the life of a kid?  If you had to focus on one thing that could have a huge effect on your child and on yourself as a parent, what would it be?


Seriously – best podcast I’ve heard… maybe ever.

2 thoughts on “Freakanomics: Economist’s Guide to Parenting”

  1. I wonder when Eli will have his first snickers 🙂 This was a really interesting podcast, bottom line to parents concerning how we can most influence our children: It’s not about what we do, it’s who we are. Very profound. I like it.

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