Barack will be the nominee

Yesterday on NBC’s Meet the Press, David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political strategist, went head to head with Geoff Garin, Clinton’s newly appointed chief political strategist.

It was a bloodbath.

At one point, I wondered if Tim Russert was going to interject at any moment and say, “Uhh.. I’m the one who’ll be asking the questions here.” The two went at each other like a couple of old hens, and Mr. Axelrod clearly won the fray.

One of the better moments occurred when each took an opportunity to point out the negative ads the other has been playing in battleground states. Both men accused the other of doing it, but neither person confessed to actually doing it. And yet there sit the ads, in plain sight of each other, Tim Russert, the country, and the eyes of God.

In what other profession of the world can blatant denials of simple facts and truth be so gloriously condoned?!?

Based on the performance yesterday and the current math, I am ready to predict that Obama will be the nominee of the Democrat party. Clinton’s campaign, typified by Mr. Garin’s performance, is relying solely on a super-delegate strategy and, in the meantime, is just franticly throwing anything and everything against the wall to try and see what sticks.

Who knew the wall was going to be coated with non-stick Obama-spray…

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