American Idol – Top 3 Results Show

Well, America. It is official. Somewhere along the line you made a mistake. We have come to the semi finals with, in my opinion, NOT the 3 best undiscovered talent in america.

Elliot – You done good my friend. You’d better hope and pray that Simon’s negative comments mobilize your voting base as well as Chris’ votes that (according to my theory) all went to you last week. Your songs really were boring. I can’t remember what you sang today, which is a DEADLY thing for the semi-finals. You still have a chance, however, as the other contestants didn’t do too much better. We have enjoyed you, but you are toast.

Kathrine – Really though, given the current circumstances, Chris’ votes are more likely to go to you. Here’s what you have going for you: you have a really great flexible instrument, you’re beautiful, versitile, vulnerable, and willing to go out on a limb. What you have against you is you’re YET another female american idol. Lets be honest… this year was a boy’s year. Look at the male/female ratios all throughout the competition this year.

But back to you… your songs last night were really good. You’re word for the evening was GUTSY. It was gutsy for you to do such a different take on I Believe. The song is so recognizable. and you successfully made it your own. However, I’m not sure how successfully your rendition would stand up all on its own. Wouldn’t sell like hotcakes, but for the purposes of this competition, it showed that you weren’t throwing in the towel just yet.

Oh, and I like how you are giving the judges a little backtalk. We could use more of that.

Over the rainbow… honey… now THAT WAS AMAZING. Once again, the word is GUTSY. Sitting there singing the first verse totally a capella, then having just a simple straightforward accompaniment which swelled toward the end into a musical array of amazing abundance was just what we needed. You gave us a reason to vote for you tonight.

As your personal stage presence coach, I would have told you that I LOVE your choice to grovel on the floor sometimes when you sing. However, you have to know that it doesn’t do anything for you until you actually explore that level. You needed to stand up or shift somehow in the middle of that song. Every move you made in that position would have been a million bucks, but as you just sat there and let the jib camera accost you from above, you looked like a trapped rat, or a bad First Vision Movie. 🙂

Which gets me to my next point… now more then ever, the contestants need to give us a reason each and every time they sing to vote for them. This has been the problem the last 2 weeks. I dont’ end a show needing to vote for one person, I end the show making a calculated decision based on weeks of show watching… not good.

Last night, you earned my vote, and it wasn’t just because of the sexy teal number you started out with.

Taylor – Way to make a comeback. I was sad when you weren’t vote off last week. You showed more of YOU tonight than we have seen in a long time. As you move into the finals, you need to not suffer from Paris’ syndrome. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Just do what you do best. That is the only way you can outdo Kathrine.

Your first and last songs were forgettable. Well, the last one not so much. But the “You are so beautiful” number was absolutely gorgeous. You need to tap into that more often. Apart from dancing with Paula, you did a very good job tonight.

Which brings me back to my original comment. I feel a sense of loss. If two of these three contestants can only give me 2 memorable moments in an hour long show, something is a little wrong. Was Chris wrongfully ousted last week? Yes. He IS america’s idol 2006. My prediction… Chris will have a bigger, better record deal faster than everyone else from this season. (except maybe paris… see below)

Paula – Judges are 3rd party observers rather than participants. You would make a much better backup dancer/singer than a judge. Yeah, its nice to have someone tell everyone how wonderful they are, even when they sucked. But come on woman… when you stand up and dance like a drunken …. uhh… prom date, you make me a little sick. Oh… and by the way… I know you’re trying to get your very own wardrobe malfunction because you think they’re so cute, but give it up. No one wants to see you go popping out on live TV. Next time remember the double sided tape, please.

The real winner from this season, Paris. You know why? She is the MINOR contestant who got the farthest. The minors aren’t bound to 19 Entertainment’s contract, so she can walk away at any time and make a big fat record deal with whomever she wants. Not that she will or should, but she can, which makes her the legal/contractual winner of this competition. 🙂

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