Am I Losing My Edge?


This question might be best answered by analyzing the way I first wrote the title:

“Am I Loosing My Edge,” I wrote.

“Loosing?”  Really, WhiteEyebrows?  “Loosing?”  Yes, I almost fell victim to one of biggest black holes of the English langage: Lose vs Loose.

I remember in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades doing endless worksheets on words pairs/trios like that:

  • lose/loose
  • their/they’re/there
  • where/were
  • will/shall
  • should/could/would
  • etc etc etc

I remember thinking those were the easiest chapters of the English book, because it was always so stupidly obvious what the answer was, as long as you knew the rules to follow…

…And I like rules!

(p.s. I always hated the units on comma splices.  As you can tell from my writing, I’m dreadfully prone to comma splice!)

Last night I was at a Cuatro de Mayo/Birthday Party when a friend noted that my blogging had dropped of significantly during and since my recent marriage.  I agreed with him.  My posts have not been as high in quality or frequency.  The insights have been fewer, and the originality has been nil.

This is supported by looking at my statistics.  In the last few months, the most popular posts on this blog were one about a spice rack and one Google anomaly which is sending everyone who searches for “10 worst things” to my blog on the ten worst things ever.

Really?  Is that all I’ve got?

I look at some of my featured posts and realize that I haven’t added a featured post in quite a while.  Have I lost my edge?  Have I just said everything that needed to be said?  Will this blog now turn into some lame daily journal about whether or not I had a solid bowel movement in the last 24 hours?

(This concern (about bowel movement-esque topics appearing on the blog) is only magnified with the future prospect of children coming into our family.  (No, that’s not an announcement – just a logical projection into the distant future.))

So, I have come to the conclusion that a man’s brain slowly starts turning into mush after he is married.  I have less time and inclination to think, reason, project, theorize, conjure, and… crap… I even ran out of other metaphysical verbs representative of my struggle for this sentence.  It’s bad!  But really.  I feel myself having fewer and fewer original thoughts.

What is the solution?  Do I just need to try more?  Do I need to get back into the mental gym and start pumping iron?  Maybe I just need to get a ’cause’ that I can go off on now and again?  Or is this a temporary thing while the ‘honeymoon phase’ passes.  Will I regain my faculties after we’ve become used to living with each other and sick of seeing and listening to each other?

Or is my life just this boring now???


11 thoughts on “Am I Losing My Edge?”

  1. Relax, take a deep breath…

    What you’re going through is known as ‘the honeymoon period’. This peculiar disorder affects the recently married, and has no known cure. Also, unfortunately, it has no definite time period. You could be like this for years, just a few months, or in some cases, a few minutes. Symptoms include mushy statements/emails/calls/texts to your partner, dewy eyes, and an unhealthy sense of optimism about everything.

    Eventually, you will get to a stage in this illness where normal brain function will resume. Be careful for lapses triggered by anniversaries, friends weddings, etc.

    Be strong. We’re all pulling for you.

  2. Just be glad you’re not a mother.

    One of my more recent blog posts was about my child’s extra solid poo that clogged the toilet.

    All originality, wit, and edge left me at pregnancy.

  3. It’ll come back later, but you will then have kids. Then it is OVER. (But what Emily says is true, it’s way worse for the mother, so I can’t vouch for men as much) Sorry, but to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  4. Try your hardest not to fall into the “family blog”. There are way too many of those already and they are all the same… boring. Allow for a little brain lapse during the honeymoon period but put in the work later so we are not forced to find a new blog to read or endure endless ‘happy family pics’ and junk no one but your mom really cares about 🙂

    Hmmmm, sounded harsh. I just mean that I have friends that have morphed into family bloggers and what I really want to read about is what they think, not what they do.

  5. “When a man loves a woman…can’t keep his mind on nothing else…” (sorry I can’t sing it) 🙂

  6. Well, seeing as I still feel like we are still in the “honeymoon” stage ourselves at times I don’t think I am much help! But I will still keep reading even if it does turn into the dreaded “family blog”. 🙂

  7. I never understood why some of the words were paired together. Like Will and Shall. How do you mix those up?

  8. Hey- another thought- sometimes boring is good- a drama free zone. You didn’t marry a drama queen 🙂

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