Lame Travel Weekend

Coming home from our Memorial Day weekend, we made sure we booked extra time to get through the airport.  After all, we were travelling through a relatively small but oftentimes busy airport, and would be passing through at what I assumed was the height of the “get home” airport pandemonium.

We got to the airport, boarding passes in hand (always print at home!), and paraded into a completely empty airport!


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Top 2 Idols Reviewed

Well, tonight’s Idol finale was… well… anti-climactic for me.  Ever since the Top 36, we’ve all just wondered who was going to be in this episode with Adam Lambert…

The judges certainly made no bones about who they were supporting all year.  Paula basically did everything but tattoo his name to her forehead. Kara painted her fingernails black – I wonder who she’s voting for…

Enough about them, though.  Let’s get to the Idols…

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Sustainability vs Wealth

This weekend, I finally got around to watching the movie Wall-E, which I absolutely loved.  Pixar has some of the most amazing storytellers in “the business” today!  Who else could take a lone animated robot and make the first hour of that movie so delightful!

Before I saw Wall-E, a few articles and videos crossed my desk:

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